Bridge-partners with DocuSign to fast-track Sri Lanka’s digital transformation journey

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Newsroom

Bridge & DocuSign

Bridge Advisory and Consulting recently announced a strategic partnership with DocuSign, a pioneer and global leader in electronic signature and agreement cloud solutions. The partnership aims to expand the DocuSign solutions to the Sri Lankan market, further supporting the digital transformation journeys of organizations across key sectors in Sri Lanka.

In today’s world, digital transformation has significantly accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is continuing to compel more organisations to automate their document management systems to include digital and electronic signatures. As customers expect fast, seamless mobile and digital banking options, businesses are now looking at new ways on how they can prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements to ensure customers, corporate partners and employees benefit from a faster and more convenient experience.

The Sri Lankan government recently issued a circular mandating the use of electronic documents including digital signatures commencing from 1st October 2021, to be implemented by 31 December 2021. All parties liaising with the government would thus be required to transact electronically using Digital Signatures. Bridge Advisory and Consulting has partnered with DocuSign to step in and support the government’s directive by providing a world class solution that would greatly speed up Sri Lanka’s digital transformation journey.

As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature

The world’s #1 platform to sign electronically through any device, from almost anywhere and at any time. DocuSign consists of 350+ integrations and enables doing business faster by speeding up transactions with mobile-first agreements, direct streamlined processes, lowered costs, and reduced risks – all while maintaining security and ensuring compliance, thereby delivering a transformational and modern customer experience.
The DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform is packed with innovative products that cover all aspects of the digital ecosystem, all aimed at ensuring smoother processes and optimising operational efficiencies. These include: DocuSign eSignature, DocuSign CLM, DocuSign Identify, DocuSign Notary, DocuSign Insight and DocuSign Click. The suite of products provides an abundance of services and utilises cutting-edge AI powered processes to alleviate productivity and streamline customer experience. DocuSign’s wide product range ensures comprehensive coverage of a plethora of use-cases, at each step of a customers or organisation’s documentation life cycle, from account opening to lending to auditing and compliance measures as well.

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Commenting on the strategic partnership, Nick Van Breda, Regional Vice President – Asia at DocuSign, said:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bridge Advisory and Consulting to bring the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to businesses of all sizes across Sri Lanka. We’re excited to see companies in the Sri Lankan market accelerate their digitalisation projects and start saving themselves time, money and the environment, by taking their agreement process digital with DocuSign.”

Bridge Advisory and Consulting aims to fast-track industrial digital transformation

Adding his thoughts on the significance of the partnership, Chief Innovation Officer of Bridge Advisory and Consulting, Sanjay Mendis stated, “Digital transformation continues to play a large, ever-expanding role in streamlining operational efficiencies globally. Our partnership with DocuSign will facilitate the efficient document management to the Sri Lankan market. We are pleased to introduce their suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process, thereby equipping the nation with the tools and solutions required to excel in today’s digital ecosystem.”
As DocuSign’s local strategic partner, Bridge Advisory and Consulting aims to fast-track industrial digital transformation by integrating DocuSign’s product platform throughout a wide range of local industries. The integration of such digital solutions stands to have a significantly positive impact on productivity and profitability, ensuring more secure and better business.
Being Sri Lanka’s newest IT Consulting and Advisory company, Bridge will continue to use its extensive experience and technical expertise to work with its wide range of national partners to drive inclusive digital transformation across all Sri Lankan services and industries.