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Specialists in driving the ‘new economy’ in Sri Lanka through emerging technology and innovative digital strategies



50+ years of combined experience in top MNCs in the world in Technology & Senior Leadership Positions

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A strong network of influencers & Investors with a strong desire in investing in Sri Lanka.

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Solid & Versatile Technology Expertise backed by a strong network of top brands in the world and a local partner ecosystem.

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We are dedicated to delivering robust business strategies, advisory and consulting services that encompass result driven action plans.
We strive to drive the nation forward in its digital transformation journey by bridging businesses and governments through innovative and transformative concepts and strategies.
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Our team of consultants and engineers were handpicked from a wide variety of industries with a collective experience across Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and Networking, Supply Chain and Logistics, Digital Advertising, Data Analytics and AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
With an open and ambitious mind-set, we view businesses holistically and collaborate to rediscover new possibilities for our clients in the region, by bringing the right solution partner to the relevant equation.

This is our Focus

We reposition the core of every business through our agile and innovative solutions.
We encourage businesses to approach conventional technology challenges from a digital-only perspective.

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Digital Government

Self-Sovereign Identity
National Digital Framework
Intelligent Infrastructure
Smart Payments
Smart and Inclusive Banking
Agri Tech
Cybersecurity and Forensics
Smart Transportation
Citizen Services


Technology for Financial Services

Communications & Networking
Banking as a Service (Baas)
Digital Contracts and Signatures
Conversational AI
Digital Engagement Platforms


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Digital Asset Brokering
Digital Asset Custodian Services

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Legality and Implementation of e-signatures in Sri Lanka

Bridge Advisory and Consulting, together with DocuSign, the World’s No.1 Electronic Signature and Agreement Cloud recently hosted a webinar on “Electronic Signatures and Agreement Cloud – The Relevance for Sri Lanka”.  The discourse addressed key areas on the background and legality of using e-signatures in Sri Lanka, why it should be a commonality, and covered the key attributes relating to e-signature adoption. The webinar also explored how e-signatures can be used in the Banking and Financial Sector to streamline workflow and contract management thereby increasing efficiencies significantly. Held virtually on the 15th of June 2022, the...

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