Bridge Advisory and Consulting accelerates HNB FINANCE’s digital transformation journey by facilitating DocuSign integration

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Digitization, Financial Services, Newsroom

Bridge Advisory and Consulting, dedicated to revolutionizing the country’s digital spaces through their plethora of consultancy services and technological offerings, recently facilitated the implementation of DocuSign, a pioneer and global leader in electronic signature and agreement cloud solutions, at HNB FINANCE. This integration will further support HNB FINANCE in their digital transformation journey, by significantly increasing operational workflow efficiencies.

As the local strategic partner for DocuSign, Bridge Advisory and Consulting aims to fast-track industrial digital transformation by integrating DocuSign’s product platform throughout a wide range of local industries. The integration of such digital solutions stands to have a significantly positive impact on productivity and profitability, ensuring more secure and better business.

Commenting on this, Naresh Sathasivam, Sales and Revenue Growth – Director at Bridge Advisory and Consulting, stated, “We are delighted to have helped HNB FINANCE take the next step in their digitization journey by implementing DocuSign. Digitisation continues to play a crucial role in driving economic growth, by enabling the smooth delivery of financial services. DocuSign enables efficient document management, and through its suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process, it will equip HNB FINANCE with the tools and solutions required to further excel in today’s digital ecosystem. Bridge is ready to equip financial institutions in Sri Lanka with the necessary solutions to fast-track their digitization journeys, with HNB FINANCE being the first to enjoy the multitude of benefits.”

As a leader in the financial services domain, HNB FINANCE is the first Sri Lankan finance company to take this step in their journey towards achieving complete paperless operations. This will bring around synergies such as reducing the carbon footprint of HNBF, increased speed of delivery and cost savings, which will translate into an even more improved experience to its customers.
“The implementation of the virtual signature model is a definitive step towards HNB FINANCE’s digital journey. It also goes in line with our sustainable business model, achieving a significant reduction in our carbon footprint by eliminating paper use, and maintaining safe distancing to support social distancing measures to combat the ongoing pandemic situation,” commented HNB FINANCE Managing Director/CEO Chaminda Prabhath.
As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature: the world’s #1 platform to sign electronically through any device, from almost anywhere and at any time. DocuSign consists of 350+ integrations and enables doing business faster by speeding up transactions with mobile-first agreements, direct streamlined processes, lowered costs, and reduced risks – all while maintaining security and ensuring compliance, thereby delivering a transformational and modern customer experience.

Bridge Advisory and Consulting will continue to use its extensive experience and technical expertise to work with its wide range of national partners to drive inclusive digital transformation across all Sri Lankan services and industries.

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